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JINGYUAN found in 2014, we As a leading manufacturer of high quality fences according to customer requirements, we are committed to providing high quality products with extremely high tear strength, higher durability and strict quality inspection on a global scale.

Our company mainly produces Double Wire Welded Mesh Panel (2D fene),3D Welded Mesh Fence,BRC Fence&Roll Top Fence,358 Security Fence,Temporary Fence,Temporary Chain Link Fence,Crowd Control Barrier,Steel Picket Fence,Double Swing Gate,Single Swing Gate,Sliding Gate,Corral Panels,Field Fence,D Section Palisade Fence,W Section Palisade Fence,Airport Fencing,Barbed Wire,Concertina Razor Wire,Welded Razor Wire Mesh,Welded Gabion,Gabion Basket,Euro Fencing,Hexagonal Wire Netting,Welded Wire Mesh Panel,Welded Wire Mesh Roll etc.