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Euro Fencing

Euro FencingEuro Fencing
Euro FencingEuro Fencing
Euro FencingEuro Fencing
Euro FencingEuro Fencing

The Dutch net is also called "wave net".

Materials:Low Carbon Steel Wire, Galvanized Wire, Pvc Coated Wire

Wire Diameter:1.0-3.7MM

Mesh Opening:50*50/60*60/50*75/50*100/75*75/75*100/100*100MM



Surface Treatment:Galvanized Wire And Pvc Coated

Introduction :

It uses high-quality steel as its raw material. The welded plate body is very flat and has strong compressive strength.

This kind of fence is affordable and easy to install.

Especially the horizontal lines are wavy. Good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, convenient and quick installation, can be widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation and other industries.

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