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What are the main applications of the Gabion Basket?

In landscape engineering, highway slope protection, embankment revetment and hill slope greening have always been a headache for engineers and technicians. Over the years, they have been exploring a process that can not only meet the protection requirements of mountain and beach stability, but also achieve the effect of greening the environment, while also economical and convenient. In recent years, this technology has begun to emerge. It is the application technology of ecological cage net. According to experts, the application of ecological stone cage net technology is to use high-strength galvanized steel wire woven into different specifications of rectangular cage, cage filled with stone structure. After the structure is applied to bank slope protection, the cracks between the rocks are filled with soil under the dual effects of human and natural factors. The seeds of plants gradually take root and germinate in the soil between the stones, and grow vigorously. The roots firmly fix the stones and soil. In this way, slope protection and greening can be achieved, and the effect of improving ecology and soil and water conservation is also very significant.

Ecological cage technology has four advantages:

First, the construction is simple, ecological stone cage cage technology only needs to put the stone into the cage sealed, does not need special technology, also does not need water and electricity.

Two, the cost is low. The cost of ecological cage is only ten yuan per square meter.

Three, landscape and protective effect is good. The combination of engineering measures and plant measures adopted in the ecological cage cage technology can effectively prevent soil erosion, and the landscape effect is faster, and the landscape effect is more natural and richer.

Four, long service life, ecological cage cage technology life span for several decades, and generally do not need maintenance. It is precisely for this reason that this technology has been adopted in the Yellow Stone Section of the Yangtze River, the Taihu Lake flood control levee protection project and the Sandouping revetment project of the Three Gorges Project.

The two engineering examples are more intuitive.

1. In the control project of the Nianziwan River in Huairou, Beijing, they did not take any plant technical measures to allow the natural growth of plant seeds seeping into the soil of the cage, resulting in a completely natural landscape.

2. In the regulation of Miaofengshan River in Beijing, they adopted different plant technology measures in the ecological cage cage technology of the two reaches, and scattered drought-tolerant grass seeds in one section. As a result, the cage net could not be seen on both sides of the river in less than two months, and the eyes were all green. In the second section, small shrubs, such as pepper and other cash crops, were planted to increase income for local farmers. The key technology of ecological stone cage technology lies in the stone cage net. Because it is a flexible structure, it can be resisted by its own deformation ability even when land subsidence, collapse, landslide and so on occur. The material and knitting technique of the stone cage net are very particular. The steel wire used in the knitting of the stone cage net is high-strength low-carbon galvanized steel wire, which is coated with plastic polymer to optimize the resin mold. The steel wire has strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, erosion resistance and fracture resistance. Its weaving method adopts twisted-pair mesh technology. It is twisted-pair hexagonal mesh woven by stone cage mesh machine. The twisted-pair method binds the steel wires together to form a mesh. Even if one or two steel wires are broken, the mesh will not be untied and is very firm.

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  • 2021-11-01
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