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Production process and construction application of electric welding mesh

In the process of production and operation in many industrial fields, there can be no lack of a product, which can play a good role in building thermal insulation. It is welded with high-quality low-carbon steel, which is electric welding net.

Electric welding net is also known as electric welding net for wall insulation in the wall insulation industry. Therefore, when people choose spot welding net wire, they should give priority to its high-quality characteristics and strong external wall building function, so that the construction of auxiliary external wall can be completed more easily.

The production and anti-corrosion treatment of electric welding mesh can ensure the product quality only after a series of strict chemical processes.

First of all, when people began to try to use the electric welding net, it would find that its carbon content was very low, and the application of steel wire also used high-quality materials. After a cold plating process, and after hot plating, the passivation operation was carried out in a PVC plasticization process, which made a perfect treatment for the whole plasticization process. Therefore, the production and production of this electric welding mesh can achieve a flat situation on the mesh surface. At the same time, each mesh is also very symmetrical, and the place of the welding point is also quite firm. Therefore, this welded network cable will always be loved by the public.

The electric welding net integrates the insulation board with the wall. Electric welding mesh plays an indispensable role in the construction of exterior walls, the use of concrete, and even in high-rise residential areas.

Because the whole thermal insulation system can design the structural framework, if people make good use of the electric welding network, they can carry out the protection of industry and construction industry on the electric welding network line, so that the external wall work of the construction industry can be successfully anti crack transformed. Moreover, the framework of the electric welding net is built after hot galvanizing, which can make the polystyrene board placed on the reconstructed and poured outer wall, which can promote the activation of the inner side and wall of the outer wall and the outer mold at one time. As long as people remove the formwork, it can integrate the thermal insulation board with the wall, which is convenient for all customers to encounter various problems in the external wall of the building.

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