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Field Fence

Field FenceField Fence
Field FenceField Fence
Field FenceField Fence
Field FenceField Fence

Our field fence solder joints are not easy to break and are very firm,this is a good choice for long-term use.

Material:Low-Carbon Iron Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire

Wire Gauge:2.0-4.0MM

Lenth:50M/165ft , 100M/330ft


Wire Diameter:1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8/ 2.0/2.2/2.5MM

Vertical Spacing:150MM/6 Inch, 300MM /12 Inch

Roll Diameter:200-250MM


This product offers good flexibility; good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time.

Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure. It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property.

Field fence is normally used as farm fence, football fence, cattle fence, basketball fence, livestock fence, etc.

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